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Over the years, so many people have volunteered enormous amounts of time to looking after our community through the Stoney Creek Brigade. They have sacrificed time and energy that could have otherwise been spent with family and friends. We cannot honour and thank them all individually here, but here are some of those we would like to particularly acknowledge.

Our Life Members

Past Captains

Past Presidents

Bill Baggett

Bill Breen

Graeme Clifton

Peter Dale

Neil Donoghue *

Mike Hillman

Boyd Roberts *

(* indicates a founding member)

New Life Members show their certificates at the 30th Anniversary Dinner.
Bill Baggett, Graeme Clifton, Peter Dale, (Member from Brindabella), Bill Breen, and Neil Donoghue.


Roy Harman 1974–1976

Boyd Roberts 1976–1977

Bill Pitkeathly 1977–1978

Roy Harman 1978–1980

Robert Harman 1980–1985

Roy Harman 1985–1986

Robert Harman 1986–1987

Graeme Clifton 1987–1995

Graham Parkins 1995–1999

Kevin Phillips 1999–2002

David Loft 2002–2006

Neil Cleary 2006–2012

Graham Reynolds 2012–2016

David Hanzl 2016-Present

Lou Posthumous 1974–1978

Alan McFarlane 1978–1983

Cec Hopkins 1983–1985

Charles Stanger 1985–1986

Neil Hurst 1986–1988

Mike Hillman 1988–2002

Deirdre Smith 2002–2003

Pauline Selmes 2003–2015

Gary Anderson 2015–Present

Our Fire shed was built in the Spring of 1989 by a small group of dedicated volunteers during a number of working bees.
We received our current Cat1 tanker in 2005. Before then, this was our Cat1. This vehicle is now a Zone reserve tanker known as Palerang 1 (see below). Sharp eyes will notice in the Shed Building pictures to the left that this truck, too had a predecessor.
This is the old Stoney Creek 1 in its new role as Palerang 1 at NAVEX08
Boyd, Neil and Peter and the Shed Working Bee - Spring 1989
For many years, Stoney Creek also had a PC (Personnel Carrier). These vehicles are very useful for conducting quick reconnaissance and changing crew shifts on long deployments.
Bill and Steve, finishing the concrete - Spring 1989
Old Stoney Creek 7A 
This is our old 7A "Greased Lightning", replaced in 2010

Old Stoney Creek 7B 
Our old 7B, replaced in 2012 with a dual cab

30th Anniversary Dinner (2004)

Stoney Creek Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade turned 30 in 2004. Guests at the Anniversary Dinner included four of our six new Life Members, past and present members, local dignitaries and seniorrepresentatives from the Rural Fire Service. We were privileged to share the evening with fellow fire fighters from the Brindabella Brigade, who also marked the induction of a Life Member.

Over 110 guests were entertained by reminiscenses of the past, and encouraged to look to the future.

Long-serving member, Graeme Clifton, reminded us of where we came from and of the people who helped to get us where we are today. His memories of the last 3 decades included the building of our fire-shed, the devastating fires that struck our own area in 1985, the human cost of what we do and the funny side of what happens when people from different backgrounds come together for a single purpose.

Local Member of Parliament, Steve Whan, congratulated the Brigade for its long history (and having managed to keep the Brigade Minutes intact for 30 years!), and thanked the volunteers for their efforts to keep the community safe. Our Keynote Speaker for the evening, Rural Fire Services Commissioner, Phil Koperburg, shared reminiscenses from his early days and reminded us just how far both the Brigade and the RFS itself have come in the last 30 years. The Commisioner also recognised the Stoney Creek Brigade's focus on training, safety and community education. All through the evening, our Life Members were recognised as having contributed so much to the Brigade. It was a highlight to have the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner of the Rural Fire Services present certificates to mark the occasion.

Joining our existing Life Member (Boyd Roberts) were Bill Baggett, Graeme Clifton, Bill Breen, Peter Dale, Mike Hillman and Neil Donoghue. It was a good excuse to get people together, for new members to meet their predecessors and for old friends to catch up.

As always, the evening would not have been possible without the generous sponsorship of local organisations and hard work of the Committee. Our very sincere thanks goes to:

  • Cash sponsors: Country Energy, Caltex Queanbeyan, Amey Bros, Kentip Limousines (Carwoola Chaufered Limosines), O'Sullivan's Waste, AAA Water Cartage, and Mr Duffy;
  • Sponsors of the door prizes: Fyshwick Outdoor Power Centre and Stihl Chainsaws, Seears Workwear, Tu Tu Tango Restaurant, and Magnet Mart;
  • Those who provided flair to the evening: Botanics on Jardine for the lovely flowers, The Cheesecakeshop Queanbeyan for the 30th Anniversary Cake, and the very helpful staff at the Tigers Club who put on a great dinner for us;
  • Behind-the-scenes our people were led by President Deirdre Smith and Vice-President Margie McComb.



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