During the Statutory Bush Fire Danger Period (which normally lasts from 1 October to 31 March each year although the dates can vary) you are required to have a permit to light a fire.

If a permit is required, they can be obtained from Stoney Creek by calling the Fire Control Centre in Queanbeyan on 02 6128 0600. A Permit Officer will contact you, and arrange a mutually suitable time for an inspection to occur. A permit is a privilege, not a right. As a guide, Permits will not be issued where:
  • A suitable water source is not available to control the fire,
  • The proposed burn exceeds 1.5m tall and/or 2-3 meters in diameter
  • Where the material is green (not seasoned)
  • Where building materials and other foreign objects are present
  • Where the proposed burn endangers buildings or property.
Look here at the RFS website for more information on Permits

Outside the Statutory Fire Season, you may light a fire without a permit - but there are still rules that you must abide by. You MUST:

  • Notify your neighbours at least 24 hours in advance
  • Have sufficient water immediately available to control the fire if it gets out of hand
  • Remain in attendance at the fire to supervise
  • Ensure the fire is not too close to other major fuel sources (such as fences, tall grass or trees)
  • Advise the Fire Control Centre in Queanbeyan on 02 6128 0600 (no later than mid-Friday for the weekend) that you are intending to burn off

You should also notify the Brigade Captain. If the Captain knows you are intending to burn off, he can prevent unnecessary callouts and time wasted getting crews together and chasing smoke sightings.


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